Prototype test scenario

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Reminder of garbage

Reminder of garbage pickup on the tablet

The description of the user test with the first prototype gives a good impression of what Vizier does.

Part 1 - at the (breakfast) table

User sits at the breakfast table.  Vizier greets him and says a family member sent a picture. “Do you want to see it?”  User says “Yes” and it shows up on the tablet .  The user writes a short message back.  The system asks whether he wants to look at his messages (mail) and agenda for today.  In the mean while a recommendation pops up on the tablet for a local activity later this week.  The user can choose to schedule it in his agenda with one button click.

Vizier reminds the user: "Today is waste collection". The user takes out the trash and forgets to lock the door.  The system detects the door has been opened for a long time and alerts the user.

Part 2 - in the couch

The user takes place in the couch and works with the Memory Club application on the tablet. The user watches the video that explains the "I remember" strategies.  After a while the system notes the users’s been sedentary for a long time and invites him to do start the daily physical exercises, that are registered by the smart watch.

In these tests users were able to actually interact with a working system and really experience what it would be like to have a companion to use smart home devices, internet communication and online information.