Test our first prototype

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Reminder of garbage

Reminder of garbage pickup on the tablet

Fitbit and tablet
Exit interview

In the first months of 2018, several users were invited to DCU, Ireland and Verhaert, Belgium to get to know the first prototype of the Vizier system.  A testimonial:

After doing a small questionnaire, I was given a Fitbit to wear and a key Fob to put in my pocket.  Then I sat down at a table and I was greeted by the voice of the Vizier social companion, coming from a speaker on the table.  It called me by name and asked me if I wanted to look at my agenda for the week. I replied "yes" and the agenda popped up on the table in front of me.  I like the simple layout on the screen.  Vizier also proposed a local activity for me to attend and it was explained that these activities would be filtered according to my preferences. The tablet is also used for sending messages and pictures.

Later I was asked to pretend to take the trash out of the room - when a reminder popped up on the tablet - and to forget to close the door.  This was then noticed by a sensor and the companion voice told me that the door wasn’t closed.  So I went to close it.  I think the different reminders are very useful.  Vizier can give alerts by voice and tablet popups.  A tablet popup reminded me to take my daily blood pressure medication.

After this I was asked to look at an application on the tablet called "Memory Club".  I watched a 10 min video, which explained a strategy to remember things to do in the near future.  After the video I did a short quiz to apply the strategy.  The Fitbit noticed that I hadn’t done many steps today yet, so the Vizier voice reminded me that it was time to go for a walk.  I took a walk around the university and when I got back to the trial room I could see where my step tracking increased.

I finished the trial by filling out a questionnaire.  Thank you for the interesting experience!